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When facing structural issues, you want to work with foundation repair professionals who can solve problems correctly the first time.

Our team of highly-qualified repair experts treats your whole structure. We never fill the cracks in your foundation and call it a day. Instead, we investigate where and how a foundation wall crack originated so that we can conquer the root of the problem and prevent a re-occurrence. Our goal is to make repairs that will last.

We are in the business of foundation repair. We value traditional methods to repair a foundation and complement them with modern technology so that your basement, crawlspace, and slab foundations get exceptional service. We are fully insured and licensed, with years of on-the-job experience repairing concrete.

We cover all of our work and materials with warranties. Foundation issues can be dangerous, so calling customers back promptly is our top priority. Call today for a free estimate.

Our Services

As a foundation service provider, we:

Multi-level Foundations

The split design has unique foundational problems from existing at multiple depths.

Waterproofing Services

When you need to keep water out of your house, you need complete waterproofing solutions.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Ensure the area under your house is dry and clean with a crawlspace encapsulation system.

Concrete Slab Repairs

Seal cracks, fix holes, level with a new layer of concrete, or more to maintain the structural integrity of the slab.

Basement Wall Repair

We restore vertical or horizontal cracks, bowing, or buckling walls and fix the source of the problem.

Concrete Piers

Improve support and stability with helical, push, or hydraulic piers installed under the foundation.

Minor Cracks

We provide a thorough inspection and address smaller issues before they become larger cracks.

Crawl Space Repair

Whether you need a vapor barrier installed or to have your supports fixed, we've got you covered. 

We provide both services to homes and commercial buildings. Different laws and regulations govern retail businesses; they need specialists with experience working with commercial projects to provide solutions to those problems.

We talked with many foundation service providers before we found these guys. Let me save you the time- call Sure today!

John Moore, Business Owner

Sources of Foundation Damage

What causes foundation problems? Fundamentally, soil moving destabilizes the support surrounding the concrete, which can lead to foundation failure. But the reason for the lack of soil stabilization varies, and that changes the type of repairs needed.

The top reasons include the following;

  • Soil movement from erosion, poor soil, or soil consolidation causes the foundation to move, sink, or shift.
  • Water damage, whether from excessive amounts of water in heavy rain, a plumbing leak, poorly designed landscaping, or poor drainage where water saturates the soil, causes drainage issues.
  • Tree roots as they grow too close and disrupt the soil underneath the building, leading to compromised structural integrity.
  • Poorly executed construction makes the facility more susceptible to cracking and foundation settlement.
  • Natural disasters, like earthquakes and floods, can lead to broken foundations and water issues.

Proper diagnosis of the source of the problem by the foundation repair companies allows for precise identification of what might be compromised and the implementation of comprehensive solutions.

The region’s biggest foundation problem is expansive soil or shrink swells. Soil shrinkage occurs when the earth dries up after having held a lot of water, and this expansion and contraction pattern can cause structural damage.

Four photos of sources of foundation damage; heavy rain, tree roots, soil erosion, and water leaks.

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Searching For Affordable Waterproofing and Foundation Repair Services in Greensboro, NC?

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Basement Systems

A home’s basement is an excellent resource when everything goes smoothly, but it can be a nightmare when things go awry. Are you noticing excess moisture in your basement? Are moisture levels so high you are emptying your dehumidifier every day? It’s time to call a basement repair expert to keep your basement dry.

While plenty of quick and cheap do-it-yourself options exist, calling in the basement foundation professionals is essential. We can ensure the project will be done with high-quality products by trained and experienced tradespeople using the proper techniques.

At its most basic, basement waterproofing solutions are the techniques and tools to keep every form of water out. There are various options to apply to the exterior walls or basement floor slabs. We use multiple methods, including exterior waterproofing, interior waterproofing, French drain construction, and sump pumps, to stop water from getting in.

Water intrusion, leaks, flooding, and mold growth can become serious liabilities to your home and belongings. We can resolve the problems in your basement quickly and efficiently! Call for a free cost estimate today to learn about our affordable solutions!

Customer Reviews

"The contractor arrived right on time and kept me informed. He talked about the repair costs and was professional, friendly, and understanding. I am truly grateful and would wholeheartedly recommend them."
Theresa Well
"I put off fixing the crack in my slab foundation because I was worried about the cost estimates. After calling SFR, I was relieved. If you are looking for affordable waterproofing and foundation repair that you can count on, call them today."
Greg Williams
"We brought them out for crawl space repair, and the average humidity in our upstairs dropped dramatically! We have no idea how much what was happening under the house impacted our quality of life inside our home!"
Susan Gonzalez

Signs of Foundation Damage

Some indicators of foundational issues are apparent and intuitive, while others are not.
Some common signs of damage to a foundation include:

  1. Cracks in foundation walls: This is one of the most common signs of damage. Cracks can appear both inside and outside and can be vertical or horizontal.
  2. Uneven floors: If the floor is uneven, sloping, or sagging, it can indicate damage and issues with your floor joists.
  3. Doors and windows that don’t shut properly: If doors and windows get stuck, it can be a sign that the foundation has shifted, causing the frames to become misaligned.
  4. Cracks in walls or ceilings: Cracks in walls or ceilings can be a sign of foundation damage, especially if accompanied by other indicators.
  5. Gaps between walls and ceilings or floors: If there is a space where the wall connects to the ceiling or floor, it can be a clue that the footing has shifted.
  6. Moisture damage: Moisture issues, such as musty odors, water stains, a musty smell, or mold spores, can point to moisture seeping through cracks in the foundation.
  7. Chimney tilting or separation: Leaning or separating from the house can indicate structural damage.


If you notice any of these signs, you’ll need a professional contractor to inspect the property immediately to avoid further damage. While some might indicate a minor issue, acting quickly is essential to protecting life and property.

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